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L'amour Éternel

L'amour Éternel

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"L'amour Éternel" by Maïssa Paris is a scented embrace that transcends time, embodying timeless elegance and everlasting love. The fragrance opens with fruity notes of peach, nectarine, mango, and pink peppercorns, creating a vibrant and inviting aura. As it unfolds, floral notes of jasmine sambac, gardenia, and magnolia weave a fresh, sensual, and enchanting olfactive symphony. This perfume, like a gentle melody, reveals the eternity of passion and an unbreakable family bond. Immerse yourself in the fragrance and let it carry you into the realm of endless love.


**Olfactory Notes:**

- **Top Notes:**

  - Apricot: Juicy and sweet.

  - Rose Berries: Floral and fruity.

  - Bergamot: Citrusy and bright.

  - Mandarin: Zesty and refreshing.

  - Mango: Exotic and tropical.

  - Nectarine: Luscious and ripe.

  - Peach: Summery and velvety.


- **Heart Notes:**

  - Gardenia: Creamy and white floral.

  - Jasmine Sambac: Rich and exotic.

  - Magnolia: Floral and delicate.

  - Violet: Sweet and powdery.


- **Base Notes:**

  - Ambroxan: Long-lasting, ambery, and musky.

  - Cedarwood: Woody and comforting.

  - Caramel: Sweet and indulgent.

  - Honey: Warm and rich.

  - White Musk: Clean and sensual.

  - Madagascar: Exotic and alluring.


"L'amour Éternel" is a fragrance that unfolds as a poetic expression of love, inviting you to dive into the depths of an enduring and boundless emotional connection.

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